Room Rates

Room Rates:

___________ Weekdays    Weekend

Family Room               Rp. 529,000       Rp.689,000
Standard Room           Rp. 299,000       Rp. 379,900
Single Room                  Rp. 113,850        Rp.189,750
Extra Bed                        Rp. 75,000          Rp.100,000
Tax & Services Included

Safe Online Payment Optsions

Published on April 8, 2008 at 5:32 PM  Comments (15)  

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  1. Dull,keren banget nanti kalo ada temen gw, gw pasti kirim dech ke tempat Loe….
    BAndung Banget dech ….
    Sukses Selalu And Selamat yaa gw denger mau Married nich …..

  2. […] House starts from $26 Alley Backpacker Hostel starts from $10 de’Tropis GH. starts from $24 Rumah Ebo GH. starts from $9 Cassadua GH. starts from $10 Rumah Asri GH. starts from $25 Rumah Tawa GH. starts […]

  3. Nice place, my next trip to Bandung, I will check you out.


  4. kalau mau sewa 1 rumah berapa? thanks

  5. Tuan,
    Saya sekeluarga dan kawan-kawan (seramai 8orang) akan ke Bandung pada 24/01/2010 hingga 26/01/2010. Kami memerlukan 4 bilik (standard room) di rumahebo. Harap rumahebo masih ada kekosongan.
    Harap tuan dapat memberi harga yang berpatutan dan emailkan kepada saya dengan kadar yang segera.
    Terima kasih.

  6. How many can sleep in Family Room?

  7. Salaaam.
    (esp Bu Kiki & Mas Hardi (Rocker)

    It was nice and we really enjoyed our stay at Rumah ebo last month. Keep it up.
    Why dont u offer internet facilities and charge no more than Rp10,000 per hour…Your customers would really appreciate it (I konw i do) plus it would be your new source of income. Need not to invest a fortune, a simple PC would do (but make sure it is working and not outdated). Everybody needs to surf the net nowadays.

    I will definitely recommend my friends to come to rumah ebo.

    see ya soon

  8. Hi, may I know if the rates in May is the same as the published? How far is the airport to Rumah Ebo?

    Thank you

  9. Hi, I’m Fairus from Malaysia. Can I have a quotation for a family room rates? Planning to go there on 4-8 July 2010..

    Send your quotation to

    Thank you.

  10. Coming to Bandung n would like Family Room for 2 nights…check in on 14 April 2010, check out on 17 April 2010.

  11. Hello rumah ebo,
    I just want to know which room is recommended for a group of three people.. may I know about the booking procedure, since I will travel to Bandung on August.


  12. berapa harga untuk 1 extra bed?

  13. hello..can you estimate the expenses if i want to stay at this Rumah Ebo for Family Room from:

    22/10-25/10/2010 as soon as possible.


  14. We just came back yesterday and it was nice staying at rumah ebo. the service was good! we had a great time.. cozy feeling, simple and great location. lastly the price was superb for the service u get. thank you ibu kiki and the rest. will definitely come again 🙂

  15. beautifull and amazing

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